Svakom Nova Kegel Exercise Balls

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Luxury Svakom Nova balls are perfect for any girl who wants to strengthen intimate muscles. The set is selected in such a way that it is comfortable for both those who have weakened muscles (after childbirth, operations, diseases) and those who have already mastered Kegel exercises.

A premium quality set is a wonderful gift for women's health. Each individual ball is made of hypoallergenic materials and has a special shape developed in collaboration with the best American gynecologists. For hygienic storage, you can use a stylish case in which a set or a special velvet bag for transportation is supplied.

All simulators in the kit have a displaced center of gravity, due to which you can exercise in passive mode, just doing your own thing. Wearing the ball for half an hour minutes for 30 days will significantly increase muscle strength. After 3 months of regular training, you will be able to fully appreciate all the effects of training! The sensuality of intimate zones will increase, orgasm will increase, the symptoms of urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse will disappear, the vagina will become more "tight", which will be appreciated by the sexual partner.

How to strengthen intimate muscles with Nova Kegel Balls?

Nova Balls are three vaginal exercise machines, different in size, weight, and shape.

The 1st ball has a slightly elongated shape and looks more like an egg. Its dimensions are 3.6 x 13.5 cm. This simulator weighs 49 g. Due to its small weight and large diameter, the ball is easy to hold, but it does not cause discomfort.

The first stage of training does not involve the active work of intimate muscles, they only get used to the load. Therefore, it is best to stop at simply wearing the ball, gradually increasing the time. To achieve maximum results, it is worth using the simulator during physical activity (walking, jogging, yoga, or gymnastics). A metal weighting bead inside the ball (displaced center of gravity) will roll, causing reflex contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. Such a load on the muscular corset of the pelvic floor is enough for a beginner, the muscles will become more elastic and strong.

The 2nd exerciser is a classic "dumbbell" Kegel. Its dimensions are 3.2 x 17 cm, it weighs 75 g. This device is medium in weight and diameter, for those who have mastered the lessons with the first ball, it will not be difficult to go to training with it.

The reduction in diameter and the special shape of the dumbbell lead to the fact that the simulator tends to fall out of the vaginal cavity. With active activity, the work of intimate muscles increases significantly, compared with the first level. The effectiveness of the exercise, accordingly, increases. As a rule, at this level, a woman can alternate passive classes with Kegel training, which involves alternately contracting and relaxing intimate muscles, tightening the simulator or prolonged compression.

The 3rd ball is the same "eight", but smaller in diameter (2.8 x 16.2 cm) and heavier (95 g). Due to this, it is more difficult to engage with him, intimate muscles are trained in a more intensive mode.

It is recommended to actively combine Kegel exercises with wearing a ball in order to achieve the highest results. You can maintain the achieved level by resorting to passive training. After mastering the last simulator, the frequency of classes is reduced (classes are held not daily, but 2-3 times a week).

Step-by-step mastering of new balls allows you to easily and quickly strengthen muscles and do it comfortably and safely. It is not necessary to overwork the muscles, as this will not affect the result positively. If the recommended time does not come out to hold the ball without discomfort, you should break the workout into several approaches.

In order for classes with Svakom Balls to be comfortable, use simulators together with a good lubricant (lubricant). Water-based formulations that do not damage the delicate silicone material are recommended. As a gift for the purchase of Svakom Nova Balls in our store, we give a specialized lubricant, ideal for training and enriched with vitamin E. Before using the simulators and immediately after, you need to wash the device and treat it with a special antiseptic.

Features of Svakom Nova Balls

A ball and two "dumbbells" of Kegel Balls have many advantages:

  • The kit allows you to gradually increase the load and pump up the pubic-coccygeal muscle and other pelvic floor muscles well.
  • All products are made of the best medical silicone. It has a pleasant-to-the-touch, delicate surface that does not cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. Kegel exercisers are resistant to moisture, they are easy to wash.
  • All balls have a displaced center of gravity. That is, there is another ball inside that can roll. This makes training more productive, and the sensations are more vivid.
  • The manufacturer of the kit is Svakom, a famous company from the USA. It presents a wide range of intimate goods on the market, which is admired and trusted among many women from different countries.
  • Each of the three exercisers has a comfortable and strong silicone "tail" with a ring. Pulling it, you can easily pull the toy out of the vagina.
  • The manufacturer did not forget to think over the design. The set comes in three colors: rich purple, piquant pink and pale turquoise. The set includes a beautiful storage box and a pouch.
Product Information
Colour Pink
Features Three different weights
Flexibility Slight
For Who Female
Material Silicone
Washing Instructions Hot soapy water and toy cleaner

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